What types of licenses can I purchase?

All the music from this is royalty free and purchased through AudioJungle.net . There are 5 types of licenses available:

Music Standard
Music Broadcast (1 Million)
Music Mass Reproduction
Music Broadcast (10 Million)
Music Broadcast & Film

For details on each license goto License FAQ.

Why do the song previews say “AudioJungle” on them?

It is an audio watermark to prevent piracy. If you decide to purchase a license from AudioJungle.net, you will receive a version without the watermark.

Why use Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music is versatile, high quality, and the most affordable way to license music for your project. There are no extra fees or royalties, purchase the correct license and your only fee is the initial payment.

Can I use your music to make a song or remix?

No. The music is intended to be a soundtrack for an online video, a commercial, a podcast, a film, an animation, etc. You cannot purchase an audio track, put vocals on it, sell it, or give it away as your own.

Can I modify your music?

You can modify the length, loudness, EQ, etc of a song file for your project. However you cannot create a song, a re-mix or produce your own music with the music from this site or from AudioJungle.net.

Can I give away your music on another site?

No. You cannot directly upload the music from this site or from AudioJungle.net to give away or sell on an external site.